Affiliate Info

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Give My Books Network Pickup Partner. We work hard to advertise the Network nationwide so that we can secure a flow of books for your business. Here are the basic points for how the Give My Books Network works:

  • After you sign up you are added to the list of Partners that pick up in the Zip codes that you choose.
  • Clients around the country enter their zip code to check who is available in their area to fulfill the pick up request.
  • Clients are shown a list of available Partners in their area and are given the option to choose which Partner they would like to have pick up their books.
  • Clients schedule their book pick up online and receive a confirmation email to verify their request was successfully processed and scheduled and give them an opportunity to modify their request easily if needed.
  • Each Partner will receive a report of the pickup requests in their account, and can also receive email notifications of the requests.
  • Each Partner will fulfill the requests they received. At the end of the pickup day each Client will be sent a follow up email verifying the books and media items were picked up and asking them to review your services on a rating scale of 1 to 5 stars.
  • These ratings will help other Clients know you are a trusted Pick Up Partner and will encourage you to receive more pickups based on your outstanding ratings.
  • Boom! Transaction complete. The Client is happy their books go to a good place and that it was so easy to give their books and each Partner is happy because the books and media items support their family business and they get to give to their community.

Benefits of becoming a GMBN Pick Up Partner

  • We are a nationwide brand so you benefit from an ever growing client base of people wanting to give their books.
  • People trust the GMBNetwork to provide stellar service because of our track record and because of our Partner rating system.
  • You are benefiting your local community.
  • We can easily integrate our backend business tools to your business website so your branding and business name can be on the front end while being powered by the Network.
  • The cost of being a GMBNetwork Affiliate Partner can and will easily be recouped with the quality books you will be picking up.
  • Every bookseller is looking for a consistent source of fresh, unscanned source of books and media that hasn't been picked over by other book sellers. Even better, this source is your local community.
  • Again, you are benefitting your local community and the nationwide Network all at the same time.
  • You can easily scale your pick up area to grow with you.
  • Since we have recently launched the Network we are offering a free 30 day trial and then a 50% off our regular price for 3 months limited time offer.