About Us

Give My Books Network is a nationwide network that started with a single location in Ann Arbor, MI. Founded in 2008 Give My Books was and still is a family owned and operated business. Our mission has been to provide “A Convenient Service to Help You Free Up Space in Your Home”. We have never been a non-profit organization but rather have been a family business that has chosen to act like one by giving back to the community. Give My Books is a for-profit social enterprise. One specific way we give back to the community is by giving the books and media we collect the opportunity to be loved again by someone else through our low-cost community book sale called JLC Book Sale. In addition to our Book Sales, we have given thousands of books back to the community directly or to schools or non-profits especially ones focused on literacy.

In 2022 we began receiving requests for pickups throughout the country through our website but because we are only in one location in Michigan we saw the need to connect homeowners and businesses that wanted to give their books to some worthwhile place to other family businesses in their local area.

Thus we began creating the Give My Books Network.

With the creation of the Give My Books Network we are linking other family businesses (which we call Pick Up Partners) to local families or businesses that would like their books and media picked up conveniently from their location. Some Pick Up Partners offer a drop off location (see their specific Partner page to see if they do).

We are also helping these Pick Up Partners get books back into the hands of the community by having a Family-run Community Book Sales page that allows the Pick Up Partner to post about their community book sale.

In addition to Community Book Sales, we make it easy for Educators in the community to request books from the Partners in the Network through the Teacher Request Form which goes out to all the Partners who pick up in the area.